Student Profile

Jiangdong "Chuck" Liu
Class of '16

Jiangdong “Chuck” Liu is a current Illinois PSM student in the Geographic Information Science program.  He earned his undergraduate degree in geography and geographic information science from the University of Illinois.  Chuck is currently completing his internship at Urban GIS in Chicago. Upon graduation, he plans to provide GIS consulting services to businesses looking to enhance cite selection, supply chain management and finding ways to improve the quality of their products and services. Chuck praises the Illinois PSM for assisting him with career preparations and helping him compare various offers for his internship. 

Geographic Information Science

Capturing cutting-edge geospatial technologies to market and provide real-time information to consumers and businesses is the core of the Geographic Information Science program. 

Geospatial technologies, ranging from GPS-enabled devices to satellite systems and imagery are an integral part of our interconnected world, and are applied in a wide range of industries including agriculture, healthcare, energy, and transportation.

Program graduates build a flexible, cross-disciplinary expertise around a strong GIS core, drawing upon the University of Illinois’s renowned strengths in GIS, informatics, computer science, and related fields.

PSM students will gain a firm foundation in GIS theory and applications, while acquiring business knowledge and professional skills. The professional internship provides students with opportunities to apply their technical and business knowledge in an industrial/organizational setting.

Graduates will be prepared to apply their blended science and business education at companies that utilize GIS to enhance product sales, resource development, business efficiency, and service delivery.

Many business functions rely on geospatial technologies, including:

  • natural resource development
  • marketing analysis
  • site location analysis
  • environmental risk assessment
  • business intelligence operations
  • logistics

The PSM’s science core is complemented by a business curriculum and a cross-disciplinary industry seminar series that offers opportunities for personal interaction with industry and government leaders.

The program is offered by the University of Illinois School of Earth, Society, and Environment.

The program can be completed in 16 months of full-time study on the Urbana-Champaign campus, including required summer enrollment to complete the internship. A thesis is not required.

For additional information, application directions, or to discuss your learning and career objectives, contact Dr. Shakil Kashem, major advisor for GIS, at or (217) 300-3404.

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