Student Profile

Miranda (Morgan) Buss
Class of '12

Miranda (Morgan) Buss grew up in a farming family in Illinois. She earned a bachelor’s degree in crop science at Illinois before enrolling in the Illinois PSM’s plant biology (now plant biotechnology) program. Her interest in science plus business led to internships with both AGCO Corporation in Duluth, Georgia and the Illinois Corn Marketing Board in Bloomington, Illinois. After earning her M.S. degree, she joined AGCO as marketing specialist, working with high horsepower tractors and seeding and tillage equipment.  Miranda recently moved back to Illinois to join the Illinois PSM program as Assistant Director.

Plant Biotechnology Science Curriculum

The Plant Biotechnology program is not accepting applications for 2016.  Applicants are encouraged to explore the other IL PSM degree programs, especially the crops specialty in Agricultural Production, to determine if another major would match your goals and interests.


The science component is comprised of a minimum of 32 hours of graduate coursework integrated across the life sciences with particular emphasis on biotechnology. 

Course selection is based on each student’s personal interests and professional goals. The science curriculum offers maximum flexibility while maintaining a rigorous and well-rounded graduate-level education. Coursework is available in plant biochemistry, growth and development, ecology and global change, molecular genetics and biotechnology, bioinformatics and systems biology.



Students are required to take the seminar course IB 510 during each on-campus semester in the program. This integral discussion course provides a fusion of current technological developments in research with trends in the aims and needs of today’s biotechnology industries.



During on-campus semesters, students earn IB 590 independent study credit for their contributions to team projects conducted with industry partners of the plant biotechnology PSM program.



To maximize their graduate training in the scientific inquiry process, students are encouraged to consider optional research experience. Interested students are counseled about research projects that offer industry relevance and receive training to enhance oral and written technical communication skills.



The program of study is show in the table below, by semester, including science and business courses. The specific science electives listed are representative of available courses. Students select their courses in consultation with and by permission of the program advisor. Two to three science courses are taken each semester in consultation with program advisors.

Note: Courses with an * are required.

†Course numbers and titles are subject to change.  Please note that some courses are only offered in select terms. For more information, please reference the Illinois Course Catalog.

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