New Student Orientation


It's almost here!

Fall semester and your start in the Illinois PSM are just around the corner.  This page has important information and steps you must take to begin your graduate school experience.  

Welcome to Illinois and to the Illinois PSM!

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! You are joining a select group.

We have important information about your Fall enrollment and your orientation on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

The information on this page supplements the information in your admissions letter from the   Graduate College's Graduate and Professional Admissions. Carefully review all of the information in your letter and on this page. Then begin working on the necessary action steps to join one of the most unique master's degree programs in the world.

There's information on this page about:

  • Basics - your Illinois computer accounts, ID card, etc.
  • Advising - consulting with your program advisor about fall courses
  • Business - your PSM business courses for fall
  • Registration - registering online for the fall semester
  • Orientation - your program kickoff
  • Connections - directory and social media connections with your new peers, and
  • Resources - information and links for transportation, housing, community information, and more.

Do you have questions or need more information? We're here to help. Contact the Illinois PSM office at or (217) 265-5363.



FIRST, have you accepted our offer of admissions? If you have, terrific! If you haven't, do that now. In your admissions letter, you'll see "To submit your official admission acceptance decision to the Graduate College, please click here." Follow that link to let us know you're coming. Access your admissions letter by signing in with the username and password you created to submit your application.

SECOND, your admissions letter has information that specifically applies to you, including your 9-digit University ID Number (UIN) and Admit ID. It will also note any special admissions conditions. Make sure you read and understand all of the information in your letter.

THIRD, there are several easy yet crucial steps you need to take now and when you arrive on campus. The Graduate College has prepared a step-by-step Quick Guide to Graduate Life for

  • setting up your NetID and Enterprise ID,
  • creating your student email account,
  • getting your i-card, your official University photo ID card, and
  • submitting your final undergraduate transcripts,
  • and more.


Each Illinois PSM program is headed by a major advisor who serves as your principal academic advisor and mentor for your graduate school experience.  Your major advisor will guide your selection of fall semester science courses and on other academic and professional matters. Initial advising for fall semester can be done by email or by telephone as many of you are not near the Illinois campus this summer. Contact your major advisor to schedule a time to plan your program of study:

After consulting with your advisor and reviewing the business course information below, you can register for fall courses (see the “Registration” section below).

International students: You will register for courses after you arrive on campus and check-in through International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Once checked-in, you will have access to the online course registration system. Check-in dates, times, and locations are available on the ISSS website.


This fall, you will complete four hours of business courses and the PSM industry seminar. Register for these courses online along with your science courses (see "Registration" section below).  Note the class days and times of the business courses as you are planning your science curriculum courses with your major advisor. Each of the required business courses is offered only once during your 18-month program, so take them in sequence with your cohort.

All PSM students will take:

BADM 595 – Business Fundamentals
Section PSM
2 credit hours
CRN 56572
This course is PSM students only
Summary: Designed to provide a cohesive understanding of marketing from a managerial perspective. Students will learn how to develop a coherent and comprehensive marketing strategy for a product or service. Specifically, it provides the conceptual frameworks and tools necessary to create superior customer value, capture the value through appropriate pricing mechanisms, persuasively communicate and profitably deliver that value, and sustain both the value and the performance in the face of ever-changing customer needs and competitive offerings. Students examine companies by matching their internal strengths and weaknesses with opportunities and threats posed by their environments. Students learn to spot and evaluate opportunities for new ventures and examine the totality of a business proposal.

You will also select one of the following four options:  BADM 509, BADM 554*, BADM 566, BADM 567, or TE 567.

BADM 509 – Managing Organizations
Section PSM
2 credit hours
CRN 37892

Summary: Examines and analyzes the organization as a social system and the impact of its various components on work attitudes and behavior; topics include the development of organizational structures, organizational effectiveness, decision making and policy formulation, leadership, and change. 


BADM 554 – Enterprise Database Management *(for GIS students ONLY)

Section A
4 credit hours
CRN 68315
Summary: Databases are important because they play a critical role in today's business environment. Almost all modern organizations use database technologies to store and manage data in every functional area of business including its operations, finance, accounting, and marketing. By understanding data modeling and being able to query databases, you possess one of the most marketable skills to help a business better manage their data and discover new opportunities through better analytics. At the end of this course you will be able to (a) Understand and help articulate the data needs of the company (requirement analysis), (b) Conceptually model the relationship of the data (data modeling), (c) Query databases to meet business requirement, (d) Understand the principles of design of data warehouses, (e) Understand the alternatives to relational databases (no SQL) with reference to storing Big Data, and (f) Explain the benefits of distributed databases.
BADM 566 – Supply Chain Management
Section MSB
2 credit hours
CRN 62289
Summary: Focuses on how to manage flows of products and services from raw material sources to final customers and associate flows of information. Helps students develop a system view of measuring channel performance, integrating cross-functional activities, and coordinating processes across organizations.
BADM 567 – Process Management
Section MSB
2 credit hours
CRN 61656
Summary: Introductory course in decision-making problems in production; includes the theoretical foundations for production management as well as the applications of decision-making techniques to production problems in the firm; and considers production processes, plant layout, maintenance, scheduling, quality control, and production control in particular.

If you have a scheduling conflict that prevents you from taking any of the BADM courses, you may opt to take the following technology entrepreneurship/engineering (TE/ENG) courses.  The TE/ENG courses are with students from engineering and other programs.

TE 567 – Venture Funded Startups

Section A
1 credit hour
CRN 54757
(Cross-listed with ENG 567, CRN 54756; you may select either)

Very limited seats are available for this option

Summary: Concepts, tools, and language used by venture capitalists (VCs). Venture-scale opportunity assessment and articulation; venture capital financing and valuation; deal structure; term sheets; financial plans for startups; customer development and marketing; product iterations; sales execution. 

If you need guidance on which option is best for you, contact us ( for advising.

BEFORE YOU REGISTER:  After you have selected an option, contact us in the Illinois PSM office at and let us know your choice. We will confirm your choice by email. Have a second option selected in case your first option isn't available.


You will also take the first course in the PSM industry seminar series:

PSM 501 – Industry Seminar I
Section A – 1 hour – CRN 54911 or
Section B – 0 hours – CRN 60375 (see note below for explanation)

Summary: The first-semester industry seminar provides opportunities for you to refine your career objectives, plan and execute your internship search, learn professional skills and knowledge, and connect with people from industry.


1.     BADM 595 and PSM 501 are PSM students only and all PSM students take these courses. The other business course may be with students in other graduate degree programs in the College of Business or in the College of Engineering.

2.     For the industry seminar series (PSM 501, 502, and 503) and for the internship (PSM 555), you have the option of 0 or 1 credit hours. The zero credit hour option does not impact your grade point average; the final course grade is either 'S' or 'U' (satisfactory or unsatisfactory). If you choose the one credit hour option, a letter grade is assigned ('A', 'B', 'C', etc.) and is included in calculating your grade point average. The course requirements are identical, regardless of credit hours. The credit hours earned in these courses do not satisfy any other degree hour requirement (i.e., the 32 science hours, the 10 business hours, or the 42 total program hours).  You must complete these courses regardless of the hours elected.



After you and your major advisor have decided on fall semester courses, you may register online. Log in to UI-Integrate Self-Service to register. To log in, you will use your EnterpriseID and password. A step-by-step instructions page is available to help you navigate through the system. Register for your science courses and for the business courses listed above.

Meet with your advisor and register as early as possible. Some courses may be filled, so allow time to find alternative courses if necessary. You do not have to register for all of your courses at one time, and you can exit and login to the registration system as often as necessary.

The Office of the Registrar provides important services that you will use during your enrollment at Illinois. You should familiarize yourself with academic deadlines, course registration, tuition, grades, graduation, transcripts, and other important information and services provided by the Office of the Registrar.

International students: You will register for courses after you arrive on campus and check-in through International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Once checked-in, you will have access to the online course registration system. International student check-in dates, times, and locations are available on the ISSS web site.

Fall payments are due on TBD.  For payment options, including international payments by wire transfer, visit the Making Payments webpage. 

Orientation - Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Kickoff for your Illinois PSM experience begins with Orientation. You'll meet with your peers, faculty members, and others. Orientation is informative and social -- the principal goals are for you to meet and begin working with your Illinois PSM colleagues, to understand the necessary transition to graduate-level study, learn about internship options and processes, and to start exploring the wealth of learning opportunities available to you at Illinois.

Orientation is Wednesday, August 19, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. until about 2:00 p.m. in the Heritage Room (first floor) of the College of ACES Library [maps: onlineprintable (PDF)]. 

Lunch will be provided, as well as a light breakfast. Attire: Business casual preferred.

Connect with other students and alumni!  We create a directory of students and alumni to help you get to know everyone.  This is an ideal way to begin networking with other new students, the returning second-year students, and with Illinois PSM graduates.  Take a few minutes to tell us about yourself using this online form. If you have questions, or if you do not want your information shared, please let us know.

International Students

Strong English skills are highly encouraged for the Illinois PSM. There are many resources once you arrive on campus. Please visit the International Student and Scholar Services English resource page. You may also wish to consider the Intensive English Institute (IEI) or Transitions to Illinois Program for summer 2020. The application deadline for both programs will be posted soon. Please contact the Intensive English Institute at with questions.


Start connecting with your new peers and colleagues:

  • Directory:  We'll create a directory of students and alumni to help you get to know everyone.  This is an ideal way to begin networking with other new students, the returning second-year students, and with Illinois PSM graduates.  Take a few minutes to tell us about yourself using this online form. If you have questions, or if you do not want your information shared, please let us know.
  • LinkedIn:  It's never too soon to network.  Join the Illinois PSM LinkedIn group, exclusively for Illinois PSM students, alumni, and associates.
  • Facebook:  See pictures, announcements, and events on the Illinois PSM Facebook page.
  • Quad Day - The U of I has more than 1,000 student organizations.  On Sunday, August 23, representatives from many of these organizations will be available to talk about their clubs and encourage you to participate.
  • Twitter:  Timely info nuggets on career fairs, events, program news, and other PSM-relevant information are available on Twitter.
  • Instagram: Pictures, tips and more on the Illinois PSM Instagram Account.


Air Transport

Shuttle Services

  • Express Air Coach - Servicing Chicago/O'Hare airport and West Lafayette, Ind. (Purdue University)
  • Illini Shuttle - Servicing Chicago/O'Hare airport, downtown Chicago, and select Chicago suburbs
  • Peoria Charter Coach - Servicing Chicago/O'Hare airport, Chicago/Midway airport, Chicago's Union Station, other Chicago suburbs, Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington [BMI], Normal/Illinois State University, and Peoria, Ill.
  • Suburban Express - Servicing the Chicago area with direct weekend service

Train + Bus Transport

International Students: International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) has arranged a shuttle schedule for incoming international students.  You can find details regarding the shuttle service here:

Campus Transportation

Guides + Media

Campus Resources

Community Resources

Campus & Surrounding Area Events

  • Sporting Events - Illinois is home to 19 Big Ten, Division 1 Sports teams including Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, and Golf (who recently one their 5th consecutive Big Ten Title).
  • Taste of Champaign-Urbana - The area's premiere outdoor summer festival featuring food from area restaurants, diverse arts and crafts from local artists, and music and entertainment.  
  • Urbana Sweetcorn Festival - A festival featuring local sweetcorn, live music and more. 
  • Farm Progress Show - Every other year, Illinois hosts this three-day showcase. Attendees will see products from manufacturers and suppliers of fertilizers, seeds, farm equipment, livestock equipment and more. 
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