Advisor Profile

Dr. Robert Knox
Agricultural Production Advisor

Dr. Knox has been advising the Agricultural Production students since Fall 2011. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from the University of Delaware and obtained both his M.S. and PhD in Animal Sciences from the University of Nebraska. He specializes in swine reproduction research and serves as the state swine extension specialist. Dr. Knox serves on numerous pork and swine related boards as well. He says the biggest asset of the Illinois PSM program is the “wide array of experiences available to students in just a three semester program.” He believes the students best suited for the program are those that are self-motivated, proactive and willing to interact with professors, guests and classmates. 

Agricultural Production Science Curriculum

The science component is comprised of coursework in the major.

Course selection in the Agricultural Production PSM program is flexible to allow each student to build a graduate curriculum that best fits his/her chosen career path.


Courses will be taken in consultation with the student's advisor to meet the 32-hour science requirement. At least eight hours are required in 500-level courses. A sample of course options for each specialty area are listed below:


Food Animal Production specialty; specific courses depend on the student's professional objectives. For crop or sustainable production system sample of program of study, please download the brochure.


Crop Production
Food Animal Production

Sustainable Production Systems


*Course numbers and titles are subject to change.  Please note that some courses are only offered in select terms. For more information, please reference the Illinois Course Catalog

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