Before You Apply



  1. Fall admission - Applicants are admitted for fall term only.  
  2. Letters of recommendation - Three recommendations are required. You will enter references' contact information as part of the application. Please include the official university email address for each reference. Graduate Admissions will contact your references by email to request recommendation letters, which they may submit online. Please remind references that letters must be signed, dated, and on institutional letterhead.
  3. GRE & TOEFL - GRE Score is required for all students. International students, please see the Graduate Admissions English Proficiency requirements. Use institution code 1836 for submitting GRE and/or TOEFL scores. Department or major field codes are not necessary.
  4. Time requirements - As you are planning, keep in mind the amount of time necessary to find housing, travel, and secure visas where necessary.
  1. Financial aid - Domestic students may be eligible for loans. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid. Illinois PSM students are not eligible for waiver-generating assistantship or fellowship appointments (except for certain statutory waivers). 
  2. Full-time enrollment - Full-time enrollment is required; part-time study is not possible at this time. Transfer credit into the Illinois PSM is not permitted.
  3. Questions - If you have questions about the application process or requirements, contact us at or (217) 265-5363.


To start or continue your application, use the "Apply" button below to access the Graduate and Professional Admissions webpage. You may stop and return at any time.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Graduate and Professional Admissions or the Illinois PSM at or (217) 265-5363.

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