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Wed, 07/05/2017

Our final spotlight of the week is Stephanie Zhang, Geographic Information Science student.

Stephanie’s interest in GIS started during her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. There she obtained her B.A. in Urban Studies and decided to minor in both Geographical Information System & German Studies. It is no surprise that Stephanie’s main interest in is urban GIS and her goal is to help manage cities with her knowledge. This summer Stephanie is using her GIS prowess as an intern with Dow AgroSciences at University of Illinois Research Park.

The Illinois PSM GIS program is coordinated by the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science inside the School of Earth, Society and Environment. This Liberal Arts and Sciences program is advised by Dr. Shakil Kashem.

Wed, 07/05/2017

Today’s student spotlight is Andriyana Santi, Technical Systems Management Student.

Santi earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a Food Technology minor from the Institute of Technology Bandung in her home country of Indonesia. Santi’s interest is the supply chain management aspects of the food industry. She hopes to combine her Engineering, Food, and Business backgrounds to enhance production, safety, and quality in her family ran fermented soybean business. Santi is gaining hands-on experience this summer with fermented soybeans, also known as tempeh with a small startup Smiling Hara Tempeh in Barnardsville, North Carolina. 

The Illinois PSM Technical Systems Management program is coordinated by the top-ranked Agricultural and Biological Engineering program. TSM students are advised by Dr. Richard Cooke and Dr. Paul Davidson.

Fri, 06/30/2017

Our 1st Student Spotlight of the week is Lauran Widman.

Lauran is one of our 11 Agricultural Production students in the Class of 2017. Her focus in graduate school is food animal production, but also how to pair that knowledge with her B.S. degree in Crop Sciences, also from the University of Illinois. Lauran is an active member of the Illinois PSM Student Ambassadors and works part time at the Illinois Soybean Research Center. This summer, Lauran is combining her knowledge in agricultural production with business as a Grain Merchandising Trainee at Consolidated Grain and Barge (CGB). 

Wed, 06/28/2017

Our Final Student Spotlight of the week is Nickolas “Nick” Broches.

Nick, originally from Bartlett, Illinois, earned his B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology right here at the University of Illinois. During his undergraduate studies, Nick worked in various research laboratories. His passion for sports and fitness, paired with interest in food and technology led him to our Food Science and Human Nutrition program. This summer, he is enhancing his food laboratory skills working in the Engeseth Laboratory here at UIUC. Dr. Engeseth’s lab focuses on chemical and biochemical reactions in food products with the hopes of enhancement of food quality.

Tue, 06/27/2017

Ruoxin is just one of our 10 students in the Geographic Information Science program.  

She graduated from the Shanxi University of Finance and Economics with a B.S. in Resource and Regional Planning. She is currently a GIS Intern for the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center right here in Champaign. Ruoxin is interested in Health Geography and using GIS to ensure medical accessibility as well as environmental and resource management. Ruoxin is advised by Dr. Shakil Kashem.

The Geographic Information Science program is offered by the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science in the School of Earth, Society, and Environment. It is currently our only program that is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.