Student Profile

Patrick "Pat" Grady
Class of '12

Pat Grady graduated in 2012 from the Illinois PSM Bioenergy program.  He obtained his undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a Chemistry minor.  While in the PSM program, Pat was an agriculture business development intern for BP Biofuels and assisted with developing an undergraduate bioenergy course. He has held numerous positions within BP America including: operations project manager, field environmental advisor and air quality specialist before accepting his current role as strategy manager for their Challenger Program.  Pat’s advice is to “remain flexible and adaptable to change, it is the only thing that has remained constant in my career thus far and many people are either successful or not based on their reaction to business change and uncertainty.”

Bioprocessing & Bioenergy

Bridging science and business to meet sustainable energy demand is the purpose of the Bioprocessing and Bioenergy program. 

The world has reached a turning point in energy production. As consumption rises, so does the demand for cleaner, renewable energy. The University of Illinois is rising to the challenge.

The Illinois Professional Science Master’s in bioprocessing and bioenergy centers on advanced and innovative methods of energy production. Bridging science with business, the program blends the technology and science of biofuels with the business skills necessary to transfer scientific knowledge to practical application.

The Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL) at Illinois leads the way in bioenergy research and education. Built on Illinois’ expertise in energy and sustainability, IBRL is committed to bioenergy R&D and to creating a well-educated scientific and technical workforce in bioenergy and related biosciences. The Illinois PSM in bioprocessing and bioenergy is a key component of IBRL's mission.


As bioprocessing and bioenergy technologies grow, so do bioprocessing and bioenergy career opportunities. The Illinois PSM in bioprocessing and bioenergy provides excellent preparation for careers in advanced cellulosic ethanol bio-refineries. Careers in the bioenergy life cycle — from feedstock supply to biofuel transportation and distribution — are also attractive options for bioenergy graduates. Bioenergy scientists, managers, and engineers with leadership, entrepreneurship, technology management, and other business skills will be well-prepared for positions of significant responsibility.


The bioprocessing and bioenergy PSM allows students to tailor their courses to their professional goals.  Students have the opportunity to take classes in the following specialty areas:

  • plants, soils, and feedstocks;
  • production, processing, and use;
  • environment, economics, policy & law; and
  • tools and methods.

For additional information or to discuss your learning and career objectives, contact Dr. Vijay Singh advisor for bioprocessing and bioenergy, at or (217) 333- 9510. 


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