IL PSM Student Spotlight: Han "Hank" Yue

The first spotlight of the week is Han “Hank” Yue, Bioprocessing and Bioenergy student.

Hank’s passion for bioenergy began during his undergraduate study at Beijing Institute of Technology in his home country of China. He noticed how the environment was being destroyed by fossil fuels and wanted to use his biotechnology knowledge to help solve some of the energy and environmental problems facing his community. His previous bachelor degrees in Biotechnology and Economics are helping him combine all aspects of business with bioprocessing and bioenergy. This summer, Hank is getting the unique opportunity to do a two part internship, the first half in academia and the 2nd half in industry. The first half of his internship was working as a research assistant in Dr. Vijay Sing’s laboratories within the Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL). Recently, he started the 2nd half of his internship at Devotion Corporation in Guangzhou, China. Devotion is a bioenergy company focusing on biomass moulding fuel, biomass-gas fuel, and biomass-oil fuel.

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