IL PSM Student Spotlight: Vicky Baraldi

Our first spotlight of the week is Maria “Vicky” Baraldi, Food Science and Human Nutrition graduate student.

Vicky is involved in many organizations and activities on campus including the Illinois Leadership Program and the Student Advising on Graduate Education (SAGE) group. She graduated from Ibero-American University with a B.S. in Food Engineering and worked for L’atelier Du Chocolat and Kua Mex Foods before starting her M.S. degree. This summer she is combining her science and business skills at Campbell’s Soups in Camden, New Jersey as a Beverage Product Development Intern. Vicky’s main interests are in research and development, formulation and marketing of food products. Vicky is advised by Dr. Nicki Engeseth, Professor of Food Chemistry and Associate Head for Graduate Programs in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

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