IL PSM Director named to National PSM board

The Illinois PSM Office is happy to announce that Illinois PSM Director, Natalie Bosecker, was named to the National Professional Science Master's Board this week at their annual conference in Washington D.C.

Natalie Bosecker is the Director of the Illinois Professional Science Master’s program at the University of Illinois, overseeing coordination for six majors in two colleges: Agricultural Production, Bioprocessing & Bioenergy, Food Science & Human Nutrition, Geographic Information Science, Plant Biotechnology, and Technical Systems Management. She works closely with the academic advisors, administrators, and IL PSM staff to market and recruit for the program, advise and support current students, and create community with students and alumni. Natalie co-teaches the plus seminars for PSM students and also co-teaches a class on law and regulations for scientists and engineers. This fall marked the 10th co-hort for the IL PSM program.

Natalie began working with the bioenergy major when recruitment began in 2009. After supporting the bioenergy major, she was asked to support all PSM students in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, providing internship and career search support, building student community, creating an event to showcase the students’ internship experiences, and extra recruiting support. She became the director of the program in 2014.

Prior to her involvement with the IL PSM, Natalie had a diverse communications and marketing career. After completing a B.S. in Agricultural Communications from the University of Illinois, Natalie was on the communications team at USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, in Washington, DC. In addition to writing press releases and speeches, Natalie served on the crisis communications team – with the ability to be anywhere in the U.S. to be a liaison between scientists and the media during agricultural pest or disease outbreaks. (Think JJ on Criminal Minds in the early seasons.) She traveled throughout the country teaching scientists crisis communications skills – working with the media and creating a message.

During nine years at the State 4-H Office for the University of Illinois Extension, Natalie coordinated all media activities, coordinated educational materials for youth, adult volunteers and staff, and served as webmaster for approximately 6,000 files. While at this position, Natalie completed a non-thesis Master’s in Agricultural Education. Her research project was online training for a non-traditional audience.

Each of these experiences provides context and real-life examples for Natalie to help prepare PSM students for his/her future.

Currently, Natalie is a member of the 2018 NPSMA pre-conference workshop committee and last year joined the NPSMA Steering Committee, now known as the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs.


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