Student Profile

Chris Godwin
Class of '12

Chris Godwin was in the inaugural Technical Systems Management cohort of Illinois PSM students, earning his degree in 2012.  He completed his internship with Archers Daniels Midland (ADM) in their research and development sector. Chris began his career as a Technical Consultant for Infor, for recently accepted a position as a Senior Technical Consultant for DXC Technologies, the world's leading independent end to end IT services company. Chris says that the Illinois PSM program “gave me the ability to market myself in many different lights whether it be my strong science and engineering skills gathered from my TSM courses, or my ability to learn a new job quickly that I picked up in my internship.”

Technical Systems Management

Merging technology with management in a systematic approach to problem-solving is the foundation of the technical systems management program. Graduates focus on the application of engineering principles, the study of technology used in agriculture, and the integration of business concepts in the food and agricultural industries. 

Offered by the top-ranked Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, the technical systems management PSM program prepares graduates for both technical and leadership careers in the management of agricultural and biological technical systems.

The program equips graduates with the advanced knowledge, abilities, and skills to apply physical and natural sciences to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Graduates of the Illinois PSM in technical systems management will be able to

  • demonstrate a broad and deep knowledge of technical systems management,
  • apply cross-disciplinary knowledge to solving technical systems problems in areas of pressing need,
  • understand the larger role of technical systems management and agricultural and biological engineering to the well-being of all humankind,
  • demonstrate critical reasoning and deep analytic thought about current and future challenges in the field, and
  • diagnose and help solve the business-related problems of an enterprise.

The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) at Illinois has established itself as one of the leading departments of its kind in the nation. It is dedicated to integrating biology and engineering to enhance the quality of complex living systems.


Students have a great deal of flexibility to construct a program of study that best fits their personal and professional objectives. Students will have access to faculty and industry-relevant research in

  • agricultural,
  • construction and environmental systems,
  • equipment and food industries, and
  • environmental protection and safety.

Combining knowledge of science, systems management, and applications engineering, the technical systems management program provides excellent preparation for careers in the production, processing, and manufacturing of food, fiber, feed, and fuel.

Students focus on the application of engineering principles, the study of technology used in agriculture, and the integration of business concepts in the food and agricultural industries.


Students may focus on one or more of the following specialties, depending on their interests and objectives:

  • construction management,
  • environmental systems,
  • mechanization, marketing, and technology management systems,
  • production systems, or
  • renewable energy systems.

A series of integrated business courses, plus industry seminars and a required internship, make up the professional science master’s concentration of the technical systems management program.


This program is ideal preparation for those seeking positions of significant responsibility in agricultural, biological, construction, and environmental technology industries. The program is a good choice for those interested in technical sales or technical management.

The applied focus of the program should prepare graduates for a wide range of careers such as

  • agricultural structures and controls specialists,
  • appraiser,
  • consultant,
  • engineering technician,
  • farm manager,
  • research and development specialist,
  • and many others.

For additional information or to discuss your learning and career objectives, contact technical systems management major advisor Paul Davidson at; (217) 300 - 3755.

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