Technical Systems Management Degree Requirements

The M.S. degree in Technical Systems Management requires the completion of 42 semester hours as prescribed in the following four curricular components:

  • Science
  • Business
  • Internship
  • Industry Seminar

The program is designed to be completed in 18-months of full-time study on the Urbana-Champaign campus. Summer enrollment is required while completing the internship. A thesis is not required.

A student's curriculum will be developed with the major advisor and will vary depending upon his or her individual interests and career plans. A sample credit-hour distribution is below, but individual student schedules may change depending upon curriculum and course schedule.


A full-time internship is required in the summer following the first two semesters of study. In consultation with faculty advisors, each student finds an internship that meets his or her personal and professional career objectives. The internship requires the application of science and business knowledge and skills.

No coursework is taken during the internship. Summer enrollment is required in PSM 555. Preparation of planning for the internship search should begin early in the first semester of study.


Seminars cover additional business content and professional development. Seminars also feature industry guests, covering a range of topics relevant to today's science and technology fields.

Participation in the industry seminar is required each semester of enrollment. Seminars meet weekly. All Illinois PSM students participate in the same seminar, providing learning opportunities across science disciplines and industries. In the fall term, third-semester students present summaries of their internship experiences and mentor first-year students in preparing for and securing internships.

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