Advisor Profile

Dr. Shakil Kashem
Geographic Information Science Advisor
Dr. Kashem began advising the inaugural cohort of Geographic Information Science students in Fall 2015. He earned both his Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in Urban and Regional Planning from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and his Ph.D. in Regional Planning right here at the University of Illinois. He served as a teaching, CyberGIS Fellow, and graduate assistant during his doctoral studies before becoming a Teaching Assistant Professor in 2015. Dr. Kashem's interest is in multifaceted applications of geospatial technologies and ways to incorporate them in GIScience pedagogy. His research centers on social vulnerability, climate change adaption, urban growth modeling and disaster risk management. Dr. Kashem states, "The flexible and cross-disciplinary approach of the PSM program has also helped them [students] to explore the diverse applications of GIS and to choose the career path based on their own interests." He believes students with GIS graduate education can easily fit themselves in any professional field including agriculture to urban planning to business management

Geographic Information Science Science Curriculum

The science component is comprised of coursework in the major.

The Geographic Information Science PSM degree program is designed to meet the needs of rapidly changing segments of industry. Thus, requirements are flexible to allow each student to build a graduate curriculum that best fits his/her chosen career path. 


Courses will be taken in consultation with the student’s Advisor to meet the 32-hour science requirement. At least 12 hours must be in 500-level courses.

Students must complete 8 hours of 500-level instruction from the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science, which offers:

GEOG 520 Political Ecology (3 hours)
GEOG 556 Regional Science Methods (3 hours)
GEOG 560 Spatial Epidemiology (4 hours)
GEOG 570 Advanced Spatial Analysis (4 hours)
GEOG 595 Advanced Studies in Geography: Recent Advances in GIS or Advanced Digital & Spatial Studies (4 hours)

Additional electives include:

GEOG 412 Geospatial Technologies and Society (3 hours)
GEOG 439 Health Applications of GIS (3 hours)
GEOG 460 Aerial Photo Analysis (4 hours)
GEOG 473 Digital Cartography & Map Design (4 hours)
GEOG 476 Applied GIS to Environmental Studies (3 hours)
GEOG 477 Introduction to Remote Sensing (3 hours)
GEOG 478 Techniques of Remote Sensing (4 hours)
GEOG 479 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (3 hours, repeatable)
GEOG 480 Principles of GIS (3 hours)
GEOG 489 Programming for GIS (4 hours)



Specific courses depend on the student's professional objectives

Course numbers and titles are subject to change.  Please note that some courses are only offered in select terms. For more information, please reference the Illinois Course Catalog.




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