Industry Connections

The Illinois PSM thrives on its partnerships with business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. These partnerships create mutually beneficial value for your organization and for the University of Illinois. How can you partner with us?


Internships allow you to engage a single intern or a team of science experts to address real-world needs in your organization. Efficient and cost-effective, internships also give you a preview of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of Illinois PSM students. Several internship options are available. You can view a sample of companies that Illinois PSM students have interned with here.


Illinois PSM graduates will have the unique combination of world-class graduate level education in science plus the business knowledge and skills to be productive right from the beginning. Whether they have interned with you or not, Illinois PSM graduates are well prepared to be unique contributors to your organization. To see some of the employers that have hired Illinois PSM graduates, click here.


As a professional program, Illinois PSM students are expected to devote 100% of their time and energies to their studies. Unlike many graduate programs, Illinois PSM students support themselves and are discouraged from holding jobs or assistantships while enrolled. Therefore scholarships or other forms of financial support for PSM students are most welcome.


The Illinois PSM depends on the active engagement of our Advisory Board for expert advice and guidance on all matters of program content, delivery, and on-going development. The business relevance of the PSM program is critical, and industry involvement is key.


For more information on how to partner with us contact or at (217)-265-5363.