Illinois Professional Science Master's

Programs of Study

Bioprocessing & Bioenergy
Bioprocessing & Bioenergy
Bridging science and business in bioprocessing and sustainable bio-based energy and related biosciences.
Food Science & Human Nutrition
Food Science & Human Nutrition
Expertise in nutrition and food science, combined with business skills, provides many career options in the food, pharmaceutical, and ingredient sectors.
Geographic Information Science
Geographic Information Science
Capturing cutting-edge geospatial technologies to market and provide real-time information to consumers and businesses is the core of the geographic information science program.
Technical Systems Management
Engineering Technology & Management for Agricultural Systems
Graduates focus on the application of engineering principles, the study of technology used in agriculture, and the integration of business concepts in food and agricultural industries.

What is the Illinois PSM?

The Illinois Professional Science Master’s (PSM) offers M.S. degree programs combining scientific knowledge and business know-how.

The programs are full-time, do not require a thesis, and are completed in 18-months — three semesters and one summer term.

Fall 2022 IL PSM Poster Showcase

Congratulations to our December Graduates!

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2022! May new opportunities always come your way, and may you find joy and happiness in your work.


IL PSM Virtual Information Session

Please join us on February 9th from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. CST. 

We'll discuss fall 2023 admissions, programs of study, and internship and employment opportunities. 


Fall 2023 Admissions Now Open

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By the Numbers

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100% of IL PSM students have completed an internship!
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83% of IL PSM graduates are employed within 6 months.
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25-35 students enroll annually, allowing personalized support.
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