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A high-quality graduate education at one of the world’s leading universities is an investment in your future. With competitive tuition and fees, Urbana-Champaign’s reasonable cost-of-living, and programs designed to be completed in just 18 months, the Illinois PSM helps maximize your investment return. The Illinois PSM has held tuition constant for many years.


For students entering Fall 2023
Tuition $7,850 $7,850 $1,050 $7,850
Fees* $2,536 $2,536 $1,416 $2,536
Total $10,386 $10,386 $2,466 $10,386
Tuition $13,247 $13,247 $1,772 $13,247
Fees* $2,536 $2,536 $1,416 $2,536
Total $15,783 $15,783 $3,188 $15,783
International fee (if applicable) $75 $75 $75 $75
International total $15,858 $15,858 $3,263 $15,858



  1. Tuition amounts shown are for 12 or more hours (Range  I) in fall and spring terms, and for 0-2 hours (Range IV) in the summer term. Summer enrollment in PSM 555 (Internship) is required.  Students must enroll in 12 or more hours in fall and spring semesters.
  2. Tuition rates are guaranteed for the planned duration of a PSM cohort.  A cohort is defined by semester and year of initial enrollment; the planned duration of a PSM cohort is four consecutive terms including summer.  For example, tuition rates for students initially enrolling in Fall 2023 are guaranteed through Fall 2025.  If enrollment continues after the planned duration of a cohort, tuition rates of the immediately following cohort will apply.  *Fees, however, vary by year.
  3. Tuition and fee details are available from the Office of the Registrar.  
  4. Tuition and fees are typically set early in the calendar year for the academic year that begins in August (fall).
  5. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.
  6. Residency classification information is available from the Office of the Registrar.


You should carefully plan for other expenses including housing,  food, books and supplies, Internet service, transportation, clothing, moving expenses  (including utility start-up costs), and other personal expenses. The Office of the Registrar provides expense estimates to help you plan. Note that these estimates are for fall and spring semesters only and do not include estimates for summer. Because of the required PSM internship, plan for the additional summer living expenses and transportation costs.


After admission, international applicants must provide evidence of financial resources to cover one calendar year’s expenses. This is required in order to issue visa eligibility documents. The amount required for 2023 is currently $57,089*.

*subject to change upon review.


  • As a professional program, the Illinois PSM does not provide financial support in the forms of assistantships or fellowships. 
  • Illinois PSM students may not hold assistantships or other tuition and fee waiver-generating appointments. Only statutory waivers are allowed. Tuition scholarships are accepted. 
  • Illinois PSM students may be eligible for student loans.  Visit the Office of Student Financial Aid for additional information. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is generally required.