The science component is comprised of a minimum of 32 hours of graduate coursework with a particular emphasis on biotechnology. 

Course selection is based on each student’s personal interests and professional goals. The science curriculum offers maximum flexibility while maintaining a rigorous and well-rounded graduate-level education. Coursework is available in plant biochemistry, growth and development, ecology and global change, molecular genetics and biotechnology, bioinformatics and systems biology.



The program of study is shown in the table below, by semester, including science and business courses. The specific science electives listed are representative of available courses. Students select their courses in consultation with and by permission of the program advisor. Two to three science courses are taken each semester in consultation with program advisors.

Note: Courses with an * are required.


Semester 1: Fall
Science CPSC 440 Applied Statistical Methods
CPSC 466 Genomics for Plant Improvement
CPSC 564 Molecular Marker Data Analysis
CPSC 598* Crop Sciences Wednesday Seminar
Business Two 2-hour courses; varies by cohort
PSM 501 - PSM Industry Seminar I (all semester)
Semester 2: Spring
Science CPSC 453 Principles of Plant Breeding
CPSC 484 Plant Physiology
CPSC 518 Crop Growth and Development
CPSC 598* Crop Sciences Wednesday Seminar
Business Two 2-hour courses; varies by cohort
PSM 502 - PSM Industry Seminar II (all semester)
Summer Internship
PSM 555 - PSM Internship
Semester 3: Fall
Science CPSC 452 Advanced Plant Genetics
CPSC 588 Plant Biochemistry
CPSC 598* Crop Sciences Wednesday Seminar
HORT 447 Horticultural Plant Breeding
Business One 2-hour course; varies by cohort
PSM 503 - PSM Industry Seminar III (all semester)
December Graduation

Course numbers and titles are subject to change.  Please note that some courses are only offered in select terms. For more information, please reference the Illinois Course Catalog.


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